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About Us

Mission and Activities

Coalition for Rivers is civic association, whose main mission is to connect activities of scientific institutions, non-profit organizations, and engaged individuals on the way to achieve a good ecological status of water courses, floodplains, wetland systems and the whole landscape. Activities of Coalition are intrinsically interdisciplinary. In reaches fields of ecology, hydrology, climatology, geomorphology, hydrobiology, paedology, water construction, sociology, law science and economy.

Reason for Establishment of Coalition

Coalition for Rivers was established in the half of 2010 year as a respond to bleak state of Czech and Moravian rivers, creeks, and disruption of water regime of the landscape in our country. Due to long-term unreasonable measures, river landscape lost a lot of its original functions – softening of floods, keeping water in dry periods, water cleaning, hosting plants and animals and being an inspiring place for people. Remedy is slow or stagnating, in many cases harmful practices continue. Therefore, Coalition for Rivers aims to improve ecological status of water courses, with conviction, that it is optimal strategy for society as well as nature.

How We Work

  • Conceptual and strategic acitivities. Coalition wants to be a partner for central governmental institutions like Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Environment, river management institutions (“Povodí”) and Agency of Landscape Protection and Nature Conservation.
  • Monitoring important cases. Coalition is involved of different cases from concrete building projects to policies and strategies. It collects examples of good practices and successful river restoration projects as well as harmful measures with neative impacts for water courses and river landscape. We provide consultancy to citizens or organizations, including grassroot civil groups.
  • Increasing expert knowledge. Coalition collects scientific knowledge from different  research fields as a base for its activities, provide impulses for such research, cooperates with academic institutions, such as universities and research institutes, via common projects, publications, conferences and seminars or other common activities.
  • Creating of informational platform. Ambition of Coalition is to become a node in knowledge network for information to pass through between non-governmental organizations, form scientific community to field experts, from experts to broad public, politics nad decision-makers. Key tool for such informational platform are regularly updated web pages, email distribution lists for Coalition members or seminars and conferences.



  • To integrate and support all activities aiming to achieve good ecological status of water courses, wetland ecosystems and the whole landscape.
  • To contribute to national-wide discussion about strategy of flood prevention and provide proposals for environmentally sound management, maintenance and restoration of water courses.
  • To make effort to create a space for water retention in landscape and biodiversity. We see a future potential for combination of technical and natural measures, based on cooperation of water management institutions, environmentalists and other sectors.


Membership Base

Currently, Coalition for Rivers has 24 individual and 10 collective members (non-governmental organizations, each represented by one representative). Member organizations are: Arnika – Nature Conservation Program, CSOP Troja, Daphne CR, Greenpeace, Hnuti Duha – FoE, Hnuti Duha – Olomouc , Udoli Trebuvky, Za zdravou Planou, Union for Morava River, Institute for Eco-politics.

Organizational Structure

Decision-making bodies of Coalition are: annual meeting, board, chair, vice-chair, secretary, auditor.

Annual meeting is highest decision-making body of Coalition. It is called at least once per tow zears. Statutory representatives of the Coalition for Rivers are chair, vice-chair and secretary. They represent the Coalition, manage its assets and financial resources. Auditor controls financial situation of the Coalition, management and implementation of the decision of the annual meeting.

Board of the Coalition for Rivers consisted in 2014 of: David Pithart (chair), Karla Štiková (vice-chair) , Vlastimil Karlík (secretary), Jan Freidinger, Pavel Vrána, Zdeněk Poštulka, David Veselý.

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