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Activities 2010-2013

Seminar “Nature friendly flood protection: space for rivers and involvement of ecosystems”

23rd November, 2010, Prague, Senate of Parliament of CzechRepublic, 130 participants

Experts from the whole Czech Republic targeted in their lessons especially river restoration measures within flood prevention and protection system. Impacts of different methods of river management on shape of flood waves, favorable impact of improvement of hydro-morphological conditions on ecological status of water courses or evaluation of payback periods of river restoration projects were demonstrated on practical examples. During seminar, some obstacles were also mentioned, such as legislative problems for river restorations or buying of land in floodplains. Seminar was successful also due to open communication between experts from different fields. Among participants were representatives of several ministries (MoE, MoA, Ministry of Regional Development) and river management institutions, scientists  from Academy of Science, universities, Agency of Landscape Protection and Nature Conservation, but also mayors or project designers.

Seminar “Effective public participation in implementation of Water Framework Directive and Flood Directive”

29th April, 2011, Prague, Czech Science-Technology Society, 20 participants

Presentations demonstrated present experience with public participation in Water Framework Directive, content and time framework of Flood Directive. In following discussion was specified, in which stage of Flood Directive we are, how to be involved, and which phase is most effective for public participation. Outputs of seminar were used as a source for strategic plan of Coalition for Rivers.

International seminar “Current European trends in river management and maintenance”

22nd September, 2011, Prague, Great Hall of Ministry of Agriculture, 120 participants

This seminars followed and developed topics from seminar held in Senate year before. It was especially focused on environmentally sound river management and maintenance practices and exchange of experience from other countries. Apart from Czech experts, the lecturers came from Germany, Switzerland and France. Seminars was possible to organize due to cooperation and support of deputy of Minister of Agriculture. More about seminar can be found on web pages of Coalition for Rivers.

Debate seminar “River management and nature conservation – looking for agreement”

8th December, 2011, Prague, CVUT Prague, department of hydro-amelioration and engineering, 85 participants

Seminar was organized in cooperation with Czech Society of Landscape Engineers. The main idea and structure of the seminar were adapted to give a maximum space for dialogue between nature conservationists, hydro-technicians and other expert groups. Each of four topics was started by two short presentation from panelists represented completely different approach. After that, facilitated discussion of panelists and participants followed. The detailed program and materials for discussed topics are available on website of Coalition for Rivers.

Conference “River Landscape”

In 2011, Coalition for Rivers picked up the tradition and as a main organizer prepared conference “River Landscape”, in cooperation with Palacky Univerzity of Olomouc and Czech Landscape Ecology Society – CZ-IALE. Framework aim of the conference was to address current issues of river landscape in holistic way, connecting biological point of view with practical river management and sociological and economical aspects.

Conference was held in 5th – 7th October, 2011 in Palacky University building in Olomouc. There was 117 participants from Czech Republic and Slovakia, representing river managers, governmental institutions, local authorities, nature conservation institutes, scientific and research institutions, especially universities, project designers and construction companies, and non-governmental organizations. During two days 40 lectures and 5 posters were presented, all of them were also included in printed almanac.

Scientific Board of the conference compiled a statement,m which was accepted by participants and sent to miniters of environment and agriculture and chairs of relevant Parliament committees. Statement was also published in magazine “Water Management” and web pages of Coalition for Rivers.

Web Pages of Coalition for Rivers

Coalition for Rivers has members around the whole territory of the Czech Republic. Therefore, website is important tool for communication and information exchange between members, other institutions and public. In period 2010-2011, we completed structure of web pages filled it with basic articles. We regularly published here information about seminars, conferences and other events organized by Coalition and its members. Also all materials and outputs of events and press releases are available here.

Consultancy for citizens and civic organizations

In 2011, the advisory centre responded to 41 questions – 16 concerning general water protection (e.g. illegal land filling of ponds or water pollution), 25 about environmental impact assessment of water constructions (e.g. Elbe Dam near Decin city). Other questions were often related to new land use plans of communities and their impacts to water courses.

Comments to legislative and strategic policy documents

Members of Coalition also elaborated statements to legislative proposals, conceptions and strategies concerning water and river landscape protection. In spring of 2011, Coalitionfor Rivers and Union for Morava River created a working group commenting Conception of Water Management Policy of Ministry of Agriculture for period 2011-2015. Among others, Coalition corresponded with Minister of Agriculture about selling of state owned land needed for future flood prevention measures. These materials are available on Coalition’s web pages.

Travelling exhibition Rivers and Floods

In cooperation with Czech NGO Arnika and Polish Fundation for Eco-Development we prepared 10 panels in Czech and 5 in Polish language. Exhibition describes origin of floods and their impact on environment. It shows, how water functions in urbanized environment and natural landscape, and what are possible flood prevention and protection measures. It is intended as a educational tool for schools, public libraries and other public places. It can be borrowed for free.

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